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Vocal coaching involves not only learning the basics of producing a good sound, but extends into the whole person of the singer.

You are the instrument and your sound conveys not just the words you want to say or sing, but your emotional well-being at that moment. Understanding the inner voice of singing is critical to being able to produce competent sounds. Often, the singer is constrained by old comments, old advice which needs to be explored and discarded. Singing is not just about allowing the larynx to create a sound; it is much, much more.

My teaching is based on the scientific principles of making a sound - the physiology of how the various muscle groups that are required to support the breath and the larynx work. Attention is given to creating competent vowel sounds and good phrasing.

I also have a passion for the therapeutic aspect of sound and its ability to help people emotionally. I enjoy working with people to help them release emotions through sound.

I work closely with ENT Surgeons on issues of vocal health, should the need arise.

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